Understand why your people leave

Collect feedback from leavers wherever they are, using any device. Receive
solution focused, actionable insight to reduce employee turnover. Calculate the cost of attrition.

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 Why use LastOpinion?

Save time - reduce the admin burden of collecting
leaver data.
Save money - reduce the costs of attrition and improve engagement by taking action.
Improve organisational performance by keeping hold of your most talented people.
Collect better data - consistent, reliable and
totally objective.
Reach - any smart phone (even by text), any tablet and any computer.

Turnover Cost Calculator


 What do I get?

Access to your own system. Your logo and brand everywhere. Exit interview reports for every leaver (or you can collect feedback anonymously if you prefer) and group based strategic reports. Benchmarks and insight as standard. Pick from one of our proven questionnaires and customise or let us create the perfect version for you.


 How does it work?

LastOpinion is very quick and easy to use. You create an account and manage your leavers. The entire process takes about 10 seconds and we do the rest. We send emails, chase completion & tell you when exit interview reports are available.

Organisations using our services include:

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