On average 20% of new starters will resign in the first 12 months. For most organisations the solution is to keep recruiting... and watching the next 20% leave.

If this sounds familiar and you are interested in breaking the cycle let us help. We are experts at it.

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Manage leavers with just a few clicks and track progress from within your own easy-to-use login. We can email you as soon as exit interviews are completed.

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Consistent, reliable and totally objective data collection. Anonymous collection possible.

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Reduce the cost of attrition, slash the costs of recruitment and focus on engagement. Try our Turnover Calculator.


Save time by reducing the burden of collecting leaver data.


Leavers can complete on any smart phone (invitations by text), any tablet or any computer and in multiple languages.


Change content, tone, brand, integrate and alter to fit your needs.

Real-time reporting, analytics & insight

Extensive Reporting

Our questionnaires are based on a thoroughly researched and proven model of employee engagement and retention. Our reporting modules provide all the answers at your fingertips.

We know that your different audiences like data in different formats, our extensive reporting makes it easy to cater for the demands of everyone.

Real-Time Dashboard Data

Providing real-time access to leaver feedback for people who need the very latest data, insights and solutions. This flexible environment enables users around your organisation to access insight relevant to their area of interest.

Personal Exit Reports

These reports enable HR to focus on the drivers that caused an individual to resign from their job. It has been designed so that it can be used with an individual leaver (to support a traditional face-to-face exit interview) or in conjunction with leaver analysis reports. Personal reports are not available where anonymous questionnaires are used.

Example Report

Leaver Analysis Reports

These reports identify trends and themes in specific leaving groups - allowing you to focus on teams/departments/divisions, job roles and levels, issues around equality and why your talent is leaving. Most importantly they provide the actions and insight needed to reduce attrition and improve employee engagement

Example Report

Comparison & Data Extract Reports

These reports allow comparisons across teams/departments/divisions, for differences in gender and ethnic origin and for any demographic that is collected. These reports are delivered in a spreadsheet so deeper analysis can be performed by HR specialists and incorporated easily into your dashboard analytics and reporting.

Expert Support

We know that access to data in different formats and immediately is essential. However, we also know that having access to real people who are experts is invaluable. We are committed to supporting you in the way that works best for you. This ranges from a quick call or email exchange to clarify or confirm an idea right through to feedback sessions lead by our subject matter experts. Collecting and reporting on data is just the start, we partner with you to ensure you gain the insight and answers your organisation needs to effect positive change.

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